Tarot spread: does he think about me?

Every day millions of women find themselves sifting through each detail of their love life, attempting to figure out what their man is thinking. It’s stressful and a waste of time. If you are in this messy situation, look no further.🙏
Tarot cards can let you know what your man is thinking. So don’t lose another second wondering what you are to him. Let the hands of destiny guide you on your path to love in this four-card FREE tarot reading. This tarot reading will not only give you insight into his thought but a glimpse into your future together. Find out if your love will last. Really, what is there to lose?

Pick a card: “What does he think of me?”
What does he think?
What does he feel
His purposes
Card 1. «What does he think about me?»

Card 2. «How does he feel about me?»

Card 3. «What goals does he have for me?»

Card 4. «Where will our relationship lead?»

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